Why Impulse?

Impulse Fitness – Work out more for less

Impulse Fitness provides a range of exceptional fitness suites staffed with the North East’s top instructors and offered at an affordable and realistic price.

We believe that everyone in living or working in Newcastle upon Tyne has the right to access high quality leisure facilities without paying the high membership fees associated with private health clubs.

Membership at Impulse fitness includes the use of 10 fitness suites, 5 swimming pools and over 100 fitness classes per week. We have facilities right across Newcastle allowing our users to access activities near to home or close to their place of work.

Tailored fitness programs and health checks are offered to everyone and our instructors are as enthusiastic about encouraging the complete beginner as they are to work regular trainers. Members are offered regular percentage body fat readings to check on their progress and can also benefit from dietary analysis at no extra cost.

Impulse Excel

Excel is your instructor led personal development program promoting the safe and effective use of our training equipment, body composition analysis and dietary advice.

Excel is available to all members as part of their membership scheme, just ask any of our instructors and they will get you started straight away. At Impulse we don’t believe in a standard approach to fitness and recognise that everyone has their own fitness, body image and lifestyle goals. Excel is designed to ensure that you achieve these goals by tackling all the issues that may be slowing down your progress whether it be training technique, lifestyle habits or diet.

There has never been a better time to start your Excel program, stop making excuses, start making a few sacrifices and set your expectations to high.

Train Smart
At Impulse Fitness we don’t believe in a “one size fits all” approach to exercise. Make your workouts worth the effort through a tailored fitness program built to suit your own individual needs and goals. Our instructors will set realsistic and achievable targets through a system of short one to one sessions ensuring your continued progression and development at a pace that suits you.

Body Composition Analysis “We have the technology”
Our inbody device offers our members a free, incredibly accurate and detailed assessment of their body’s make up. This device uses a method of analysis known as bioelectrical impedance which is based on the electrical conductive properties of biological tissue. With such technology on hand we can show you that basic scales don’t always tell the full story behind your physical development. Its also great to see the proof that all your hard work is having the desired effect.

Dietary Awareness
Radical and immediate restructuring of our members diet rarely has the desired long term effects as most find the change too much to cope with and return to the foods they ate previously.
Therefore we simply encourage small and gradual alterations over time, and focus on meal timings and portion size. The daily pressures of modern life can result in many of us missing vital meals such as breakfast while consuming huge amounts of food in the evening when the body is at its least active. A short consultation with one of our instructors can make a huge difference to how you view your own nutrition and through a simple food diary we can identify potential problems with your current food intake.


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  • Impulse Advantage


    Monthly membership with no contract, available for use at Centre for Sport and Elswick Pool.

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  • Free Induction Pass

    Free one day pass

    Impulse Fitness would like to offer you a one day consultation with one of our highly qualified instructors. They will tailor a gym induction on specific fitness equipment to help you achieve your personal goals and offer advice on a more healthy lifestyle.

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